About Us

About Us


Divine Endowments Limited is one of the leading and fastest-growing fashion houses in Nigeria, with the mission to deliver fitting at its very best in bespoke and ready to wear garments. Our apparels are produced with a keen eye on fashion trends, always keeping the design trendy yet drawing from the experience of our rich heritage, by making use of African print fabrics to create modern designs and styles to suit people of different shapes and sizes.


To promote the beauty of African fabrics by designing them into modern styles, fashionable and acceptable globally.  Unveil the beauty in individuals to celebrates and enhances their God-given peculiarity.


To become Africa's foremost fashion brand.


Convey African fashion closer to the world.


Divine Endowments Limited is a Nigerian company established in 1998.  Since its inception, Divine Endowments have constantly narrowed the wide gap that exist between foreign and locally made garments, through our pattern making and styling techniques. Our designing skills distinguishes us in the local fashion industry, making us a foremost fashion brand in Africa. Our ready to wear sizes ranges from UK sizes 8 to 30. Our garments are designed in African fabric and prints using special techniques and equipment’s to enhance its finish.

Our highest selling point is our ability to identify two categories of woman body, and hence, create two variation of fitting per standard size, namely, regular figure and full figure. This is because we are very particular about how our garments looks on our priceless customers.We maintain a culture of excellence and go to a great length to ensure our customers are satisfied with our products always. What make us different are really the trivial things we do to make them stand out!



Our values are anchored on passion, professionalism and love for what we do. This makes us go the extra mile to deliver to our customers the very best at all times.

We are also equipped with dedicated pool of skilful workers who have extensive knowledge of both designing and customer-need, also importantly, qualities for the company's successful development. For Divine Endowments, our desire is to build a reputable fashion brand based on local experience, and skill of our people. Our dream for the future is to “build an institution that will outlive its patriarch and serve as a yardstick for measuring service delivery within the fashion industry.



 Aside of seeking to achieve a perfect fitting for all shapes and sizes, we are very meticulous about the finished product and quality of garments. We make it a point of duty to do a quality control on every finished garment, to match with international standard. 

To achieve perfection and excellent quality finish, we have put in place; well experienced tailors who knows the importance of the right stitches for the different fabrics. In all of this, we make use of state-of-art equipment in the fashion industry to achieve our perfect finish; we also have special equipment's for the purpose of handling special fabrics to achieving a very neat overall  finish, competitive on the global scale.


Basically, we are into the business of making clothes that enhances one’s beauty and production of garment that suits any occasion or event. Our ready-to-wear section is fundamentally structured to make commercial but trendy attires that are affordable and fashionable using local fabrics to allow one to express one’s inner beauty in the most effective manner.

Our clothes and designs are fashioned after UK sizes for universal fitting and to allow for hitch free patronage from local and international customers. In the recent fashion trend, our local fabrics are well sorted after in the western world, therefore, Divine Endowments, as an epitome of Nigerian culture, maintains a universal size standard that enables shoppers alike to purchase clothes off the rack, without the need to fit the garments; provided they know their UK sizes.

Our range of attires/ garments includes and not limited to;

  •        Casuals: Blouses, T-Shirts, Jeans, Dresses
  •        Formal Wear: Skirt Suits, Trouser Suits for male and female
  •        Traditional Wears; Boubou, Dashiki, Skirt & Blouse, Agbada & Smart Buba for men
  •        Occasional Wears; for dinner outings and the likes



  •  We ensure a flawless Quality Control from start to finish; making sure the western standard of finishing is achieved
  •  All our front desk personnel and sales officers have been trained on the importance of Customer Service, which is our strength to         repeat sales.
  •  We keep our inventory control secured to reduce cost of production and inflation impact.
  •  We constantly work on modern technologies to keep production faster and seamless




Bjay.Remy is a sub brand of Divine Endowments. Born from the vision of “looking good for less”.   With Bjay.Remy, Divine Endowment has been able to bring its brand closer to the people ensuring there is something for everyone. We ensure same quality, same finishing details, and same fitting.


We may not be able to mention names of our numerous clientele to whom we have catered for over the years due to client's sensitivity to privacy, however, our list of clientele ranges from the fashion-conscious individuals, the socialites, to first ladies and excellences' in top government positions. We have patronage from classy men of timber and calibre in the society, regular customers who believe looking good is part of their lifestyle.


Divine Endowments produces its garments in “ready to wear” and “made to measure” alike.  We have become a global fashion brand to reckon with since its commencement of beautifully designed outlets to showcase its attires of different array.  Some of these outlets are situated at the major airports in Nigeria, which is a gate way for international patronage and exposure, more so, advertising our rich African fashion heritage on a global scale.


Divine Endowments 'Ready to Wear' is the name giving to our retail outlets. Our objective is to locate our outlets on the high streets locally and internationally, bringing our garments closer to the evolving fashion communities.  All our outlets are well illuminated, similar in design architecture and varied in size. Our style collections are beautifully displayed on shelf and mannequin's in UK sizing 8 to 30, suitable for people with different shapes and sizes who fall under this size category without significant alteration. Fitting rooms are provided to ensure every customer go away with their perfect size.


Made to-measure (Haute Couture) is our bespoke tailoring trademark, uniquely made to size garments for individuals and available via personal individual consultation.