Monrovia Boubou


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Gorgeous women Boubou dress is made out of love by local Nigerjan tailors . The dress is made with soft crepe fabric with a lovely infusion of african embroidery design.

When it comes to vacation fashion, the goal is to be fashionably comfortable. The looser and flowy the fit, the better ,couple it with bright colors…

It's the perfect summer dress for when you want to feel the breeze and look gorgeous without doing too much . It is also the perfect maternity dress .
This dress can be made in different colours and sizes .

Fit: Maxi Dresses
Color: Pink
Range: Maternity, Plus Size and Curves
Style: Casual, Streetwear
Fabric: Embroidery, African Inspired Silk
Gender: For Her
Material: Silk
Occasion: The beautiful days

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